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Welcome to 68kMac.org! The new home for 68k Mac users. We want to give you, the user, concise and accurate information, an insight into the world of 68kMacs, oh and maybe a good laugh now and again!

We aim to give collectors the information they need at their finger-tips without having to read through masses of irrelevance to get to it, or battle hard to read pages and clumsy indexes. We also collect and index articles on various 68k Macs as we find them (with the authors permission of course!), as well as provding our own insights from our rambling experience. In addition to this we are willing offer archiving of 68k Mac content for site faced with closure, and mirror services for sites with useful information.

Have a browse, keep checking back, give us feedback. We need to know what you want and what you think of the site to keep improving the site.

If you have anything that you think would be helpful to improve and expand our communty site here at 68kmac.org, or just a comment on the site, then please contact either Mark Benson or Daniel Kendell and put it to us! Anything and everything is considered!

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